Moseley Real Estate School Review 2021

Moseley Real Estate School has been in operation since 1972, and this school aims to offer education through each stage of your career. You can choose from real estate sales agent or broker courses to prepare you for licensing in Florida or Virginia, and former students get access to free continuing education and post-licensing training as well.

This school stands out right now due to the fact you get the chance to learn in-person at more than 150 real estate offices that offer live classroom courses. The in-person training from Moseley costs a little more, but people who learn better in person or struggle online may find this option is well worth it.

On the other hand, students can choose to learn online in a self-paced format. Either way, courses are available for 12 months after you enroll. This is longer than many other schools that only offer a six-month subscription to their courses. 

While Moseley Real Estate School offers online learning options, the school did not make our list of top-rated online schools. Check out our list of best online real estate schools before you sign up for real estate courses.

Pros Explained

  • In-person courses are available in more than 150 locations: Moseley Real Estate School lets students complete classroom training at more than 150 locations in and around Florida and Virginia.
  • Self-paced, online training also available: Students can also opt to learn online if they want to complete courses around their schedules.
  • Free continuing education and post-licensing training: Most real estate schools charge for continuing education and post-licensing training, yet Moseley offers these courses to prior students at no charge.
  • Course enrollment is valid for one year: Some schools only offer courses for six months before your enrollment expires, yet Moseley courses are available to you for 12 months. 
  • Discounts for active duty military, veterans, and first responders: The discount for eligible military, veterans, and first responders can help you save 30% on their training.

Cons Explained

  • Focus is on real estate salesperson and broker training online: This school does not offer training in related industries like mortgage origination or real estate appraising.
  • Can be expensive: Some of their courses are expensive when you compare them to similar training from online schools.

Classroom and e-learning courses from Moseley Real Estate School are fully refundable, but you only have 10 days to request a refund in writing. 

Available Courses

Moseley Real Estate School offers courses for each stage of your real estate career. As you dive deeper into the school’s offerings, you’ll find that the following courses are available.

Real Estate Sales Agent Pre-Licensing (Florida and Virginia)

Moseley offers real estate agent pre-licensing training in both a classroom and online format. Course times and dates vary by location, so you’ll want to check on the specific schedule for in-person training in your area. 

This course includes more than 40 hours of pre-licensing training for future agents in either state, and you also get practice exams, quizzes, and 24/7 access to online study tools. Both the in-person and online training options are available for 12 months after tuition is paid. 

Real Estate Broker Pre-Licensing (Florida and Virginia)

You can also turn to Moseley Real Estate School for broker training in both Florida and Virginia. Once again, courses are offered in an in-person classroom format or online. If you choose to pursue training in-person, you should know that dates and times for classes vary. 

Broker training can help you learn the basics of real estate law, brokerage, and finance while preparing you for the state licensing exam. These courses also come with quizzes, practice tests, and 24/7 access to online study tools.

Continuing Education (Florida and Virginia)

If you attend Moseley Real Estate School for real estate agent or broker pre-licensing training, you can also take continuing education courses with the school for free. Continuing education through the school can help you meet the requirements to maintain your state real estate license. Dates, times, and format for these courses vary.

Post-Licensing Training (Florida and Virginia)

The school also offers post-licensing training to former students for free. These courses are applicable to state licensing requirements, and the topics can vary. You can check the Moseley website to search for dates, times, and course formats that work for your schedule.

Course Format

Moseley Real Estate School offers agent and broker training in-person at more than 150 real estate offices throughout Virginia and Florida. This makes it easy to attend classes in-person if you learn better in a classroom environment. Just keep in mind that, as a general rule, in-person training at Moseley is more expensive than the school’s online courses.

If you are comfortable learning online, you can also turn to Moseley for self-paced, online training for real estate agents and brokers. 


Moseley Real Estate School is very clear on who their instructors are as well as their credentials. For the most part, teachers at Moseley are real estate brokers and agents who work in the local communities where they instruct. 

Many instructors at Moseley are even top-performing agents in their local area.


Moseley Real Estate School is licensed to teach real estate in the states of Florida and Virginia, and the school has some positive reviews online. For example, Moseley boasts an average star rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars among student reviews on Unfortunately, some negative reviews found elsewhere complain about the school’s refund policy and the structure of their courses.


Prices at Moseley Real Estate School vary depending on the state you’re seeking licensing in and whether you are striving to become a real estate agent or broker. As we mentioned already, Moseley does offer some of its training courses for free. 

Before you sign up for real estate training with Moseley Real Estate School, here’s what you should expect to pay.

  • Florida Sales Associate: $350 to $450
  • Florida Broker Pre-Licensing: $450 to $550
  • Virginia Salesperson: $350 to $550
  • Virginia Broker Pre-Licensing: $235 to $335
  • Continuing Education: Free
  • Post-Licensing Training: Free

Moseley Real Estate School offers ongoing coupon codes that can help you save money on tuition. Make sure to check for coupon codes before you enroll.

Customer Service

Moseley Real Estate School stands out due to the many customer service options it offers, including the option for live chat. We verified the live chat function for the purpose of this review, and we can confirm it actually works. 

Students can also contact the school through its email form, or send the school a message at [email protected] or [email protected]

Phone support is also available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., then from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. EST. You can call the school at 1.877.MOSELEY.

Competition: Moseley Real Estate School vs. The CE Shop

As you decide on the details of your real estate career, you should take the time to compare several schools that offer training in your state. This is especially true if you plan to pursue courses in an online format. After all, many online real estate schools offer similar training to regional schools for a much lower price.

To help you figure out which school is for you, we compared Moseley Real Estate School to an online real estate school—The CE Shop.

  Moseley Real Estate School The CE Shop 
Price Florida Sales Associate: $350 to $450

Florida Broker Pre-Licensing: $450 to $550

Virginia Salesperson: $350 to $550

Virginia Broker Pre-Licensing: $235 to $335

Continuing Education: Free

Post-Licensing Training: Free

Florida Sales Agent Pre-Licensing: $119 to $279

Virginia Sales Agent Pre-Licensing: $209 to $399

Virginia Broker Pre-Licensing: $999

Florida Continuing Education: $9 to $15

Virginia Continuing Education: $9 to $119

Courses Offered  Sales agent and real estate broker training, post-licensing training, continuing education Sales agent and real estate broker training, post-licensing training, continuing education
Course Format  Live, in-person training

Self-paced online format

Online learning only
Availability  Florida and Virginia All 50 states 

As you compare these two schools, you’ll probably notice right away that The CE Shop offers pre-licensing training for real estate agents and brokers at a much lower price point. However, it’s worth noting that both of these schools frequently have coupon codes that can help you save even more. Before you enroll, you should check your school’s website to see which codes are available, if any.

While courses are less expensive at The CE Shop, you should also note that this school offers online training only, with no option for in-person training. This means you can’t turn to The CE Shop for training in a classroom, and you may not be taught by real estate professionals in your immediate area. 

While Moseley Real Estate School is slightly more expensive, you can get a personalized experience whether you’re learning in a classroom or online, and their plentiful customer service options include the online chat feature on their website.

The fact you can take continuing education at Moseley for free as a former student makes this school an even better value. All things considered, we believe Moseley Real Estate School is the better choice between these two options—even if it costs more.

Final Verdict

If you are hoping to become a real estate agent or broker in Florida or Virginia, Moseley Real Estate School should be at the top of your list. This school lets you choose how you want to learn, whether you prefer in-person training or you thrive online. You can also learn from local real estate professionals in your area, and the school is easy to contact if you have questions or concerns.

Even so, it never hurts to compare multiple schools, and you really should before you trust anyone with your real estate education. We encourage you to compare multiple real estate schools online and in your area before you enroll.


We researched and analyzed numerous facets of each real estate school with a quantitative approach in mind. Some of the elements considered include costs of the classes, course formats, accreditation, and former student reviews. We also look at the overall reputation of the provider, geographic areas where the courses are available, and instructor qualifications. Additionally, we assess how easy it is to navigate the website and whether it includes additional student resources such as blogs, webinars, and career tips.

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