Javier Cavazos, famous Lansing baseball, hoops coach, bids farewell

LANSING – Javier Cavazos doesn’t want to be done coaching. It’s the essence of who he is. It’s how he symptoms his textual content messages: Coach Cavazos.

Fifty-seven many years of coaching Lansing’s youth. Fifty-7 many years of stories. Fifty-7 a long time because he was the only option to supervise his brothers and their mates in the High Road Elementary School gymnasium on Lansing’s north side. 

If his health and fitness would permit for it, Cavazos would indication up for a different 57. Rather, it is time to honor a person who’s coached so lots of Lansing-space kids, there is a good possibility you’re 1 of them. Or maybe your son or daughter, mom or grandfather played for him.

“I start off to get nervous when they say, ‘Coach, my grandma played for you,’ ” Cavazos, 74, explained.